How to reserve an object ?

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Step 1

Move your mouse over a link, a popup window will show you a list of objects.

Choose the desired facility.

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Step 2

Log in using your GASPAR credentials.
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Step 3

You are on the main page.
On the upper left, the User Menu proposes you to check you current bill or your current reservations list.
Main page

Select an object
My bill

Select an object
My reservations
Step 4

Select an object to reserve and check the associated description by clicking on the picture or on the "details" label.
Select an object details
Step 5

Choose the date on the displayed calendar. Then, choose the desired slot on the time schedule.
Calendar view
Select a date
Step 5 - optional

Use the dayview mode to display all objects for the selected date.
Select an object Select an object

Step 6

Click on the "+" symbol will allow you to reserve the desired object !
You also have the option of adding a note in the "comment" box.

By clicking on the "More options" tab, you can add the "end period" and you can specify the frequency for your reservation.

Book the date

end time

more options

more options

Step 7

Check the reservation details by moving the mouse pointer over the green/orange rectangle.

Booking details  

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How to cancel a reservation ?

Step 1

Click on the green booking you would like to cancel.


Step 2

Validate the cancelation and check that the reservation has been deleted.

For further informations, please contact the webmaster.